45 Clever Garage Organization Ideas

Clever Garage Organization Ideas (42)

As an extension of your home, the garage is the optimal place to store your tools, bulky sports equipment, outdoor gear, and excess supplies that you do not use on a day-to-day basis. To keep piles from forming around the perimeter, read up on all of

Real Simple’s garage organization ideas. From maximizing wall storage to labeling boxes, we will give you the tools to get all of the clutter under control once and for all. Not even sure what’s piled high in there? Start by sorting through and disposing of any unnecessary or outdated objects (Are you really going to use that camcorder ever again?). Remember to stash off-season items in plastic storage containers—cardboard tends to bend, break, and wear quickly from exposure to the elements.

Check out our three great garage makeovers if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas and are not even sure where to begin.

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